Mega Fortune on Unibet

When you are looking for the highest online payout on the planet there's nothing left to do then play the Mega Fortune slot machines on Unibet. This hyper exciting game has the largest bonus payout in the world and you don't want to miss out on a chance to win over ten million euros! The largest payout to date was €11,736,228 and you could be the next person to be set for life!


The Mega Fortune slot machine has five reels each of which contain five visible symbols. You can play a maximum of 25 lines per spin, something which will earn you the highest chance at winning the multi-million euro jackpot. This slot machine has, besides the usual symbols, a Scatter Bonus, Free Spins and Wild Jokers. The most important game of them all is the bonus roulette which will be triggered by three bonus symbols.

In case you collect three or more Scatter symbols you will win free spins. The value of the free spins is equal to the normal rounds, the big difference is that you don't have to pay for them! The free spins could even include more free spins or multipliers. Getting these free spins is essential to winning big money. All your free spins are added up on the right side of the screen.


The bonus game is the one where the big money's at. When lining up three bonus symbols you will enter the bonus game which consists of three giant roulette wheels. Keep hitting the arrows and make your way to the center to unlock the million euro payday! If you don't hit the biggest jackpot you could still win smaller bonuses in the bonus game.