Deal or No Deal? Now it’s up to you

For most fans of the TV show, shouting at the screen and despairing over the way in which certain contestants play the game is a regular part of the viewing experience. Most families who watch discuss and dissect how each contestant approaches the game as well as assessing their reasons for persevering and whether they should have accepted a deal sooner. Now fans can play Deal or no deal online and put their own technique into action. They can see whether their plans and tactics pay off in a real game that mimics the TV show.

The same red boxes are numbered 1-26 and it’s the player who decides which to choose, just like the TV show. Each box is assigned a value and as each box is chosen the values are wiped off the leader board exactly as they are on TV! The realistic graphics maintain the look of the show, and the game can be as fast paced as players like! How much do you know about remote control dice for dice game? The most important thing is that you can get the dice number you want secretly.

Many people complain that Noel Edmunds, the show’s host, spends too much time dragging each round out and over dramatizing each choice. Luckily, Deal or No Deal online maintains all of the tension without the dodgy shirts and endless probing into contestants every decision! Players are able to enjoy choosing their boxes in quick succession, and regular calls from the banker offer real opportunities to win cash. Of course it is entirely up to the player whether to accept an offer or continue playing in the hope of an increased offer later, or to make a deal. The winnings are added to the running total seen clearly at the bottom of the screen, and the entire amount can be transferred straight to a bank account at any point. Each player chooses how much to bet in the beginning of the game, and it is this figure which decides the values of each box!

Paddy Power Games really have created the perfect accompaniment to the show and for a true fan of the TV show it’s an essential part of the experience!