More Essential Holdem – Push/Fold

Push and Fold strategy is one of the simplest and most straightforward extreme poker strategies. It is extreme in the sense that it is most often called for when one’s stack reaches an extremely low point ad it will often seems like a desperate grabbing for straws indeed.

Of course, there’s solid mathematics and healthy strategic thinking behind the move. Its main objective is to put the player’s few remaining chips to effective use, picking up blinds and antes. Another thing that the Push/Fold strategy accomplishes is that it prevents the player from losing chips on limping and then folding. Last but not least, the push/fold will really make one’s double-ups count.

The essence of the Push/Fold strategy lies in its simplicity: it is about simplifying one’s decision-making to an extreme, leaving only two options on the table: pushing or folding. Because of this simplicity, the push/fold strategy lends itself well to beginners and advanced players alike.

Why is the push/fold an option to begin with? In tournament poker, as one’s stack gets smaller and smaller in relation to the blinds, so do his strategy options. When that stack is down to about 10 BBs, pushing and folding are pretty much the only two options left to seriously consider. Where exactly is the push/fold best applied? In SNGs and MTTs, stack sizes will often whittle away under pressure from the rising blinds: it’s simply the nature of the game. This is where the push/fold strategy will come in the handiest, it’s not exactly suited for cash game action, where diminishing stack size should not be a problem for a savvy player.

The most important thing about pushing all-in as part of the push/fold strategy is to take advantage of the fold equity: to do that, the player looking to put his tournament life onto the line needs to make sure that he is the first one to push all-in to give his opponents the chance to fold. After all, the main objective of the push/fold is to pick up the blinds/dead chips in the pot. is by far the best destination for rakeback and poker prop deals. If you’re looking for such a deal, visit rakemeback right now!